Industry Trials

Commencing June 2019

We’re opening Winerytale to the world, but not every winery in the world just yet. Express your interest to be one of the first 100 wineries on the Winerytale App.

Be a trendsetter

We want bold, pioneering wineries ready to make a stamp on the industry.

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Our Journey

Winerytale became a concept at the end of 2018, after we realised that the everyday small to medium sized winery could not afford to release an augmented reality app.

The big industry players have already proved the benefits of augmented reality in increasing customer engagement and driving sales, yet the cost of building the technology came at a large expense, one that the everyday winery simply cannot afford. So, we created a solution. Winerytale – a platform based augmented reality app.

Winerytale is one app for the whole industry that gives wineries of all sizes the opportunity to use augmented reality to build better relationships with their consumers, create memorable, lasting impressions and to drive sales. Winerytale also features the “marketers dream” – a customisable call to action button (a feature that hasn’t been implemented in the wine industry!).

Platform based app means that wineries can change their content as easy as updating a social media profile. We wanted Winerytale to be simple so that no matter your digital literacy, you can control what your consumers are seeing at any given time.

Since getting the app right, we’ve been piloting Winerytale with a select number of influential wineries in Australia, but now we’re ready to take it to the world!

The Tech Run Down

Also known as, “how it works”. Augmented reality sounds hard, but it really isn’t. We’ve made this video to help you out!

Do you want to be an industry pioneer?

Here's what you need to know.

Your wine will be live on the app, telling your story from every bottle.

Show your friends, tell your neighbours – this is going to be the coolest thing they’ve seen in a while.

You choose the content that you want to show.

Video, images, text, anything. The only catch – we’ll be deciding how it’s laid out. But hey, that’s what a trial is all about.

Commit to 6 weeks and be willing to provide feedback.

It’s not a big ask, is it? By the time you’ve had time to soak it all in and show it to your friends and family, it’ll be done and dusted.

There’s no cost, no charges, no fees. Nothing.

We won’t be asking you for money, and to make it even, we won’t be giving you money. Sound fair? We hope so.

We're taking expressions of interest from wineries now. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch in early June