CSF Share Offer: June 19 – July 2, 2020

Winerytale CSF

Share Issue Offer

The Share Offer

This offer of shares is made by Winerytale Pty Ltd ACN 636315501 (the Company). The Company was incorporated on 19 September 2019, and will commence active trading on July 2, 2020. The Company operates under the jurisdiction of Australian laws.


The Company has developed a unique concept and is seeking funds to execute a strategic plan – rolling the concept out to key markets, to gain early market, establishing the incumbent position in the market.

Key Information

Offer Open
June 19 - July 2, 2020
Issue Price
$0.75 AUD
Maximum Raise Value
Maximum Shares

Share offer is now closed.

Please direct any queries through our the contact us form.

A message from Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Winerytale

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to understand the opportunity. Winerytale is a first-of-its-kind tech concept, purpose-built to solve a significant problem for the global wine industry. Your investment will fund the strategic move to market that we believe will put Winerytale in a dominant position to capture an emerging global market. I invite you to read on, and to consider the opportunity.

The problem, briefly.

Winerytale is more than just an exciting new technology. It is a purpose-built solution for one of the wine industry’s big challenges. And has an important role to play, bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital world.


Winemakers livelihoods depend on connecting and engaging with consumers. Traditional methods are no longer effective, and in the digital space there are very few opportunities leaving winemakers feeling uncertain and without control over their futures.


Millennials are digital natives, who value their always-on, digital world. These young adults, who are entering the typical wine-drinking stage-of-life, are not taking to wine, and not following in the footsteps of previous generations.


The industry hasn't found a way to engage millennials on their term. As Boomers wine drinking days draw to a close, there is no heir apparent to take their place. The industry has no answer, and is justifiably worried at the prospect of a long downward decline.

There is a disconnect, mutually driven, and impacting on a global scale. Millennials are not willing, and winemakers are not able, to engage the other. And there is simply no solution that bridges this gap.

Winerytale brings a new way to experience wine

Winerytale is a new social engagement channel, powered by wine.

For Millennials

Winerytale Delivers A Stunning Wine Experience, In The Digital Space, With Powerful Triggers That Compel Repeat Uses


Winerytale Creates The Opportunity And Means To Connect With Consumers. It Builds Brands, Adds Marketing Firepower, And Drives Revenue.

The Wine Industry

Winerytale breaks down barriers, between digital and traditional, real and virtual, and between old & new generations

Winerytale is a smartphone app

For Millennials, it’s an incredible, immersive experience to show and share with friends


A Clever App

Enabling users to scan wine labels, to find out what goes on 'behind the label'

Stunning reality

Brought to life with stunning in augmented reality, from the front of the label

Eye opening

With impressive 3D features, and virtual interaction


Social media woven through, and cleverly gamified


With handy uses, like, buying wine right from the label.

Real content

You'll hear from the winemakers themselves, telling it as it is from the vineyard

Taking it all in

Multimedia content, presented in bit size chunks

A Voyage of Discovery

With a different story behind thousands of brands, ready to be discovered

Winerytale is an intelligent platform

For winemakers, it’s a powerful tool that enables them to get back to their customers


Connecting point

A revolutionary opportunity to connect with customers over a bottle of wine, yours.

From Every Bottle

Active from every bottle, connecting with customers 24 hours a day, anywhere on the planet

Your authentic story

For winemakers to tell their authentic story, in their own words, from their vineyards


with an intuitive system that does all the heavy lifting - there's nothing to learn, and no resources required

Simple Web Platform

All handled in an easy-to-use web platform, that's as easy to manage as a Facebook page

Flexible Content

Flexible Content System to add and edit content any time, which quickly updates on across every bottle.

Compelling Value

Generating brand exposure, offering marketing firepower, and with inbuilt calls-to-action to land more business

Generate Sales

Enjoying product-to-consumer sales, boosting your bottom line in the best possible way - when your wine sells your wine

Interested in investing?

Get to know us and see if we’re a good fit for you

Winerytale is a tech start-up, with the potential for rapid, high growth. If you’re thinking about investing in Winerytale, we’d like to encourage you to look a bit further to understand the opportunity, and the team behind it.

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