500+ wineries join global AR wine trial

By December 16, 2019July 21st, 2020Blog, Featured

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are propelling more than 500 wineries across the globe into futuristic marketing that cleverly connects wine-labels with millenial winelovers.

These wineries are using the world’s newest boundary-pushing augmented reality wine app to create a meaningful connection from wineries to winelovers.

Winerytale lets every winery and wine producer create, manage and market an augmented reality experience for their own labels via a smartphone app using a platform as simple as Facebook to upload and change content. 

Connecting customers with your brand on the spot, Winerytale is simply an amazing tool.

Belinda Austin, Winery owner, 6 Ft 6 Australia

Cleverly, the app uses the world’s love of social media to put the consumer front and centre in the App, along with their favourite wine.

Winerytale – 500 wineries leading the way

More than 500 wineries across the world are taking part in the field trials for the App.

Well known Australian wineries Debortoli, Provenance, Oakdene and Yalumba are all over the potential for this App as an interactive marketing tool, designed to introduce wine to a new breed of winedrinkers and to drive a deeper connection with existing winelovers.

This is an amazing new augmented reality app for wine lovers!

Travis Maple, Senior Winemaker, Airfield Estates, USA

This means their existing multimedia content has been uploaded into the platform and by pointing the app at a wine label, the consumer sees video content, tasting notes, the nearest stockist, or whatever content they have provided.

AR as a master-marketer

Think Pokémon Go and novelty Snapchat filters – which both took augmented reality mainstream – where AR overlays computer-generated information onto a view of the real world to create composite displays.

Given how connected we are to our phones, and how consumers love to be entertained while they connect to their favourite brands, up and coming brands should recognise that AR is a bit of marketing gold.

BRP report indicated that 48% of consumers said that they’d be more likely to buy from a retailer that provided AR experiences. Unfortunately, only 15 per cent of retailers currently put AR to use. Only a further 32 percent of retailers stated they plan to deploy virtual or augmented reality applications over the next three years .

In a way this is understandable, as trying to use technology like AR can appear confusing as well as expensive. 

The technology behind the augmented reality Winerytale App is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to scan and recognise labels, and augmented reality to showcase the wine’s backstory by beaming it from an imaginary space inside the bottle.

By switching the WineryTale app on, it becomes instantly activated on every bottle. And having every bottle activated is like having thousands of marketing machines all going to work for these wineries.

Harnessing the latest in tech with consumer habits, wine lovers are connected to their favourite wine through their phone.

Being able to give them the information they need, in a way they want, influencing the choices they make and harnessing that purchasing power is a no brainer.