Augmented reality wine

Revolutionary AR Platform creates level playing field for all wineries.


Augmented Reality has emerged a brilliant marketing winner for the wine industry. From the introduction of talking wine bottles to the latest Winetales platform, AR is no longer a sleeping giant full of potential, but rather an awakened powerhouse reshaping, forever, the way businesses market their brands. It is one trend which is most certainly on the rise and captivating a worldwide audience obsessed with technology and smartphone apps.

In 2009, augmented reality was introduced into the world of media and, although exciting, the expense of creating AR outweighed large-scale commercial adoption. However, when Pokémon Go grabbed worldwide attention, in 2016, with its mainstream introduction of augmented and mixed reality into their game, other industries were quick to follow suit. Since then, AR has been adapted to fit a plethora of industries including wine. In 2017, 19 Crimes disrupted the way wine was being marketed by introducing talking wine bottles into the retail sector in a major way. Consequently it proved to be a huge hit because it captivated the millennials who, by now, couldn’t, wouldn’t, leave home without their smartphones.

Fast forward to 2019 and Winetales have again revolutionised augmented-reality wine bottles via their breakthrough app. With its thoroughly accessible price tag, AR no longer belongs just to big corporations but now also to the SME’s and boutique wineries. With a levelled playing field, wine sales are expected to rise considering augmented-reality wine bottles have become the darlings of dinner parties. The proverbial proof is in the pudding for their creators and marketers – enough for the entire industry to jump on board and get with the Joneses. With 48 million wine drinkers in tech-loving China alone, it seems the passion for augmented reality wine bottles is about to explode.

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