Augmented Reality Wine – Global Trials

By December 4, 2019 December 5th, 2019 Winery Selection by Invitation Only

You’re Invited

In November 2019, 500 wineries added augmented reality to their wine label, trialling Winerytale.

In December, 2019 we reached out to 100 more wineries join the trial. Your winery was one of those.

Winerytale, 2019’s most talked about technology, is a ground-breaking platform that enables any wine-lover with a smartphone to see the story behind the wine they’re drinking.

Experience Winerytale

Download the free app & try it for yourself.

In fact, we could do with your help

Augmented reality has delivered some incredible results in the wine industry  Until now though, cost and complexity has kept all but the big players out of the picture, and the profits.

Winerytale is setting out to change that, delivering one bold solution for the entire industry. But to do that, we need wineries getting behind the concept, trialling it, giving feedback, and ironing out the bugs.

And that’s where (hopefully) you come in.

Simple. Powerful.

Behind the stunning augmented reality experiences, Winerytale is powered by the cloud, using familiar web technology.

Which means for wineries adding and updating new experiences is as simple as updating Facebook.

Demo Video

Wineries on the App

De Bortoli

Provenance Wines



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