Australian Tech Start-Up Augments Wine Industry

Geelong based start-up Third Aurora has released its flagship product for the wine industry called Winetales, a smartphone application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to transform the way consumers interact with their favourite wineries.

Third Aurora co-founder Dave Chaffey, said that while AR has been around for a little while, affordability had been an enormous hurdle for all except for the biggest players, but that Winetales would completely change the game.

“There’s an obvious culture shift towards embracing artificial intelligence and augmented reality, but it has largely been accessible due to the high expense.

“We have set about changing that by creating an application that is not only free for consumers, but affordable for businesses, and it is opening up all kinds of opportunities that have previously been unavailable to small and medium-sized businesses.

“We’ve created a technology that allows a winery to manage the entire process itself – just as they would manage a Facebook page – so it’s really like DIY augmented reality where wineries can swap over their content in a heartbeat, without the high expense and without building an kind of dependency on an agency.”

Winetales has now partnered with a number of key Geelong-based wineries to establish the technology – with an overwhelming response.

Belinda Austin, co-owner of Moorabool Valley winery Austins & Co and its 6ft6 brand, was one of the first to jump on board to jump on board with the product and is excited about what the application offers.

“The wine industry has so many amazing stories to share, so to have an application that connects the customer with your brand on the spot is simply an amazing tool.”

Launched in 2018 and based in the burgeoning technology hub that is Geelong, Australia, Third Aurora has emerged as a key player in the AR sphere. Boasting an innovative market approach that is a result of over a decade of learnings in the digital design and marketing industries, the business is driven by the desire to make AR technology accessible and affordable.

Winetales is completely free to the consumer and available to download from Google Play and Apple Store now. It can be trialed on any 6ft6 wine label.

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