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Augmented reality & auto-translation to drive Australian wine

An innovative concept enabling consumers to “virtually” discover the story behind the wine they’re drinking is set to rollout to every Australian wine.

 From September, consumers with the Winerytale app can use their smartphone to scan almost any Australian wine to see the story of the wine and the winery come to life with stunning augmented reality.

According to Winerytale’s Managing Director, Dave Chaffey more than 2,500 Australian brands stand to benefit.

“It’s an amazing experience, hovering right in front of the label. Consumers just love it.”

“We’re eager to bring the technology to Australian wine en masse, so that consumers across the globe can scan any Aussie wine to discover the unique story.”

“The opportunity is tremendous”, exclaims Chaffey, “We’re hearing that consumers are eagerly buying up wines with augmented reality experiences.”

“It’s a win for mum-and-dad wineries, for exporters, and even for the tourism sector – with Australia on display from every single bottle of wine.”

The China Fightback

The rollout, originally planned for April 2020, is timely for Australian wine which is bracing for a second trade strike from China which launched an anti-dumping investigation that puts $1.2 billion worth of exports at risk.

Chaffey believes that Winerytale can help the fightback, particularly given China’s rapid uptake of augmented reality.

“We’re currently building translation functionality, to present the augmented reality story to a consumer in their native tongue – it’s based on their phone settings.”

Early translation prototypes have been promising.”

“We look forward to presenting the story of every Australian wine, translated for a billion Chinese wine lovers.

Winerytale is a clever concept, set to capture the next generation of winerlovers

View the Winerytale demonstration video

“We’re anticipating a strong response,” says Chaffey, “and expecting that that enthusiasm carries through to the cash registers – flowing on to sales figures, and the bottom line.”

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