Powerful and easy to use - that is how Winerytale has been developed.


One app for the industry.

Winerytale is an app for the entire wine industry. It's as easy as using social media for a winery and even easier for a user.

- One App for the entire industry
- Instant global visibility from every label
- Prebuilt layouts, and editable content
- Call-to-action for consumers to take next step


You don't need to be a computer geek.

We knew that for this to work, it had to be accessible to every winery. It had to be affordable, easy to set up and as easy to change as a social media page.

- Login to the platform to manage your account
- No special equipment or software required
- Add regular content, that you use every day – video, images, text, links
- Works with the existing labels - meaning that there’s no need to print new labels.

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