Introducing Winetales

Winetales is a smartphone application that gives small and medium-sized wineries the opportunity to nurture relationships with consumers through an immersive experience using AR. For the wine lover, it’s the chance to connect with their favourite labels and share the experience with their social circle.  It’s novel, it’s engaging and it’s shareable on social media.

Winetales, though innovative and technical at its core, is user friendly and allows even the least tech-savvy winery to personalise their consumer experience. For the consumer, it’s as easy as downloading the Wine Tales app, scanning the label of their favourite vino and jumping into the world of augmented reality. Each scannable wine label features a “call to action button” that will take the user back to a webpage of choice – such as where they can order their next bottle.

And the best part… There’s one app and it’s for the whole wine industry.

Launched in 2018 and based in the burgeoning technology hub that is Geelong, Australia, Third Aurora has emerged as a key player in the AR sphere. Boasting an innovative market approach that is a result of over a decade of learnings in the digital design and marketing industries, the business is driven by the desire to make AR technology accessible and affordable.

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