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Winerytale is a first-of-its-kind concept, enabling wine brands to engage consumers from wine labels labels.

Built with virtual technology, Winerytale offers an exciting experience for consumers, and creates an unprecedented opportunity for brands to build value at all stages of the customer journey.

Startup Opportunity

Winerytale is  setting out to capture a global market. Like most tech startups in this position, the concept requires financial backing to fully grasp the opportunity.

In our case, the goal is to capture an early market presence, and be in the dominant position to capture the emerging global market.

The potential reward from a successful first-to-market move in the lucrative alcoholic beverages industry is substantial.

2021 Share Issue Offer – EOI Now Open

Sophisticated Investors in the ranges: $50,000 – $500,000

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Recent News

Points of interest

Company announcements and news of interest are posted to this page, from time-to-time, so that interested investors may follow company progress.

The page aims to provide investors with short summaries of the most notable news. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all company announcements or items of interest.

Latest Updates

25 January, 2021

New Share Issue to fund Winerytale & Beerscans rollout

4 January, 2021

Second Platform, BEERSCANS sets eyes on the craft beer market

December 3, 2020 in Media Release

Storytelling Wine to Drive Millennials Market

One hundred brands pioneer new concept A clever concept for consumers to discover the backstory…
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November 9, 2020 in Media Release

Global Beverage Market Set for a Stunning New Reality

Augmented reality platform offers new direct-to-consumer channel Consumers with a thirst for new experiences will…
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Founding Team

Founding Partner

Luke Chaffey

Luke is an experienced coder who leads web and cloud-based development, overseeing platform operation.

Luke Chaffey is an experienced coder who leads the web and cloud-based software development. Luke’s proven track record of flawless software development includes enterprise App development as well as creation of his own ratified cryptocurrency.
Luke’s knowledge also extends into Digital Marketing. Up until 2019, as the resident Digital Expert for Kochie’s Business Builders, a business-based website and TV show, Luke has written more than 300 articles, and been involved in many talks.

Previously, Luke’s talents were honed at KBB Digital, where he was a partner.

Luke is resourceful, entrepreneurial, and brings operational stability to the team.

Founding Partner

Matt Hallberg

Matthew is a software developer who specializes in Augmented Reality, Vision Recognition, and App Development.

Matthew Hallberg is a software developer who specializes in Augmented Reality, Vision Recognition, and App Development.
He is widely regarded as an industry expert, with his popular YouTube Channel followed by 40,000 up and coming software developers, and recently acknowledged as #3 in the top 50 Augmented Reality channels to follow.

Matt is resourceful, self-motivated, and brings technical expertise to the team.

Founding Partner

Dave Chaffey

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, and a professional business speaker.

Founding Partner
Dave Chaffey
Dave Chaffey is a successful entrepreneur, with a passion for new technology, and 25 years of business experience under his belt.
He is widely regarded as an expert in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy and is passionate about his pet field of Go-To-market Strategy. His other areas of interest are marketing personalization and automation.

In addition, he is a professional speaker, and an author. Previously, Dave was Managing Director of KBB Digital, a digital marketing agency that he walked away from to follow this opportunity.

Dave is strategic, resourceful, and capable. He brings strategic direction to the team.

Issue Offer

Share Allocation

An allocation of 2,500,000 shares has been set aside by the Directors, to fund expansion into key markets, gaining early traction, and establishing the incumbent position in the market.

Minimum parcels of 100,000 shares are available, to be issued from April 1, 2020, or prior, upon request, and subject to Directors approval.

Expressions of Interest

Corporate regulations in some countries that we operate restrict or limit our ability to offer share subscriptions, without calling for expressions of interest. Consequently, expressions of interest are welcome from sophisticated investors, and members of the public.

Investment Overview

Total Share Allocation


Share Issue Price

$USD 0.54

Issue Date

1 April, 2021

Minimum Share Subscription


Maximum Share Application


Allocation Updates

Directors wish to advise share applicants that requests for early issue of shares can be made, and subject to approval, will be fulfilled prior to April 1, 2021. To date, 806,000 shares have been issued.

Remaining Share Allocation


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