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Living Wine Label App Opens Floodgate for Exciting New Wave of AR Wine Apps


No one can doubt the success of Treasury Wine Estate’s Living Wine Labels app. Since its inception in 2017 for its inaugural augmented-reality brand 19 Crimes, it has been downloaded well over a million times and was ranked in the top 50 non-paid food and beverages apps in its first year out. Such has been the success of 19 Crimes marketing, TWE have gone on to introduce several more of its brands to the Living Wine Labels app, amassing sales they weren’t even expecting.

Over the last two years, other wineries have tried to emulate TWE’s success with varying outcomes. Perhaps it’s because, up until now, only the big players have been able to afford the dollars required to match the money pumped into not only the Living Wine Label app, but also a huge brand-marketing budget, to ensure success.

But, in 2019, a new player has emerged guaranteeing equal opportunities for boutique and smaller wineries. Winetales is a base-model app embracing the idea of its forefather but taking it one step further. It enhances consumer experience through augmented reality, just the same as the Living Wine Label app, however, Winetales covers off a multitude of brands across multiple wineries (not owned by one company), releasing the need for a single-use wine app. It means any winery can use the templates provided by Winetales as a simple and direct way of entering the AR wine-label market. This kind of accessibility opens possibilities for everyone to retail their wine without having to spend thousands.

While Winetales may not have all the bangs and whistles of the Living Wine Labels, yet, the creators are nodding towards a future where different template levels will be made available as a means to suit any budget. That makes it another game-changer in the face of a shifting technology and for the consumers who revere it.

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