Telling your story

Content Setup

Telling your story from every label is as easy as updating Facebook.

The whole process is managed through a browser – there’s no special software to install.

You tell your story with regular content: video, images, text, and links. And then the Winerytale platform goes to work, automatically converting your story into a stunning augmented reality display.

Understanding Scenes

Scenes – the building blocks of your story

Winerytale uses “scenes” – which are like little pre-built pages (there’s two scenes shown in this picture).

Scenes make story telling easy, letting you concentrate on your content, without worrying about designing layouts or coding.

There are currently eight scenes, and each one can be turned on and off. So, you can tell your tory with one scene, or with all eight – it’s up to you.

Check out the collection of scenes

Bringing it together

Add your story to every label

Once you have your brand story together, it’s time to add it to all of your labels.

The process is straightforward – you simply upload label images through the browser, and then connect it to the set of content that makes up your story.

But, keep in mind, it takes around 24 hours for new labels to be integrated into the system, so please be patient. You’ll receive an email once your label is up and running.