The Brand

The Showcase

Your chance to shine

Create a strong first impression, letting wine lovers know what you’re all about. This is the default first scene that displays when the label is scanned. It’s the first impression consumers will have of your brand.

What works well here?

Video, raw and real

Some ideas
  • walkthrough your winery
  • tell us your approach to winemaking
  • show us how your wine is different, and why that matters to you
The Place

The Wine’s Origin

Where it all happens

Set the scene, letting wine lovers know the origin of the wine they’re about to enjoy. This scene provides some context, particularly for overseas wine lovers.

What works well here?

Adding the address of the winery, everything else is automatic.

Did you know?

When a consumer views the globe, it will draw a line from their current location to your winery. It’s a great feature for international consumers.

The Process

In the Raw

A raw look behind the scenes 

Give wine lovers a raw, fly-on-the-wall look at one aspect of the winemaking process. Drive engagement with a walk and talk video – taken straight from your phone.

What works well here?

Behind-the-scenes footage. Video, taken on the move, giving wine lovers some real insights, and information they don’t already know

Some ideas

Walk through the winery from end to end, or focus on one aspect of production: picking, crushing, bottling. Tell it, right from where it happens.

The People

The People

The people behind the wine

Let’s take out hats off to the winemakers, and the people behind your label. Take this chance to recognise the team, positively and publicly.

What works well here?

Video – people in action, raw and real, straight from your phone.

Some ideas
  • hear from the chief winemaker on location
  • show the team creating wine
  • piece together short video snippets of each of the team

On The Corkboard

A promotion opportunity

Do you have something you want to promote? The Corkboard is the place to promote to consumers, linking through to a webpage of your choosing. And you can change it whenever you like.

What works well here?

Promotions that are up to date! Out-of-date offers are a buzz kill.

Some ideas
  • Competitions
  • New releases
  • Product promotions
  • Tasting days
  • Venue promotions for local wineries
Social Interaction

Social Fanspace

The place to be seen

Your Fanspace is a cool feature for your fans to tell the world that they love your wine. It’s easy to set up – all you need to is an Instagram hashtag, and the rest is done automatically.

What works well here?

Share on social media to see some explosive brand exposure.

Some ideas

For the best response, share through your social media channels on Friday and Saturday night

The Location

Your Winery

The place to be seen

Show the world your winery in action. A great opportunity to provide wine lovers with an authentic look at how you operate, and the place where it comes together

What works well here?

Photos from across the winery – particularly with real people

Some ideas

Show-off your venue, cellar-door and eating facilities, with great photos that inspire wine lovers to want to visit.

The Region

The Wine Region

The big picture

Showcase the region, and the types of wines that the region specialises in. This scene offers great exposure for the region, benefitting all locally produced wines.

What works well here?

Many wine regions have a promotional video, for use with permission

Some ideas

Promotion of the region from your wine is a big opportunity for tourism. Perhaps you might be able to gain sponsorship from local government?


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