How Winerytale works

Tell your story from every label

Winerytale is a fantastic way to engage your existing customers, and connect with wine lovers as they sip on your wine.

Connecting with consumers right from your label offers an unmatchable opportunity to build your brand on a personal level, and at scale. Which is why Winerytale has been developed as a way to tell your story – a  unique experience, with authentic content, and realness, to capture attention, and captivate the hearts and minds of a new generation of wine lovers.

Winerytale Audience

Winerytale is for a new generation of wine lovers

While Winerytale can be used by everyone, the concept has been built for a particular audience – the millennials generation – men and women, aged 28 to 45, who are traditionally entering that wine drinking stage of life.

They’re tech savvy, ready to discover your story, and eager to share their experience – with friends at dinner parties, and with connections across instagram and facebook.

A new experience

An authentic look behind the label

The new generation of wine lovers want something different.

We know. We asked them.

I want to know about what you do, how you operate, the people. A genuine look at how things operate rather than through marketing ads. And if you can offer that for me in a compelling way it gets your attention they’ll share and share it widely through social media and directly who stop

You’re inviting consumers in to take a look at who you are and what you do genuinely authentically

Winerytale content

Winerytale Content Setup

When you’re ready to get started, take a look at how Winerytale works.

With a familiar content management system, themed content, and a clever backend that does all of the heavy lifting, Winerytale lets you concentrate on telling your story, without worrying about anything technical.

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