New wineries locked out of trials from Feb 2020 – Winerytale

By December 16, 2019July 21st, 2020Blog, Featured

Wineries have a last chance to get involved in the winery world’s biggest augmented reality (AR) app trial.

Winerytale, the industry’s newest player in augmented reality, has taken the technology to the masses, with more than 500 wineries now on board across the globe.

Where once AR was only for big players because of the sheer expense and challenges in finding ways to piggyback off existing apps or create expensive talking-wine-bottle apps from scratch, all that changed with the introduction of mixed-reality wine app, Winerytale. 

Winerytale takes a real wine bottle and via a smartphone app displays video, audio, images, text and sound to create a rich and memorable experience.

The content belongs to the winery, and is uploaded as easily as content to Facebook.

The technology behind the augmented reality App is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to scan and recognise labels, and augmented reality to showcase the wine’s backstory by beaming it from an imaginary space inside the bottle.   

The platform is purpose built for mass adoption and accessibility to any winery wanting to take advantage of a brand marketing and sales future that will undeniably involve augmented reality. 

The storytelling capability in such as easy, affordable and accessible way, is unmatched.

Trial participation set to 1,000 participating wineries

The free trial, having showcased the stories of 500 wineries worldwide so far, will close in Februrary, with Winerytale looking to cap the number of wineries at one thousand.

Field testing of the WineryTale App in 2019 has attracted world-wide interest and leading wine producers are on board from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as from wine regions in South Africa, France, North America, Canada, Croatia, Lebanon and Mexico.

The wineries involved are small to mid-level and looking for a leg up to reach a broader market, boosting brand recognition and sales. 

The first round of field testing the App technology and concept occurred with Victorian wineries in early 2019.  The second phase of the trial launched it globally, testing the integration of artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a platform built for mass production, with mass visuals and the ability to know where someone is and self-translate into multiple languages. 

For example, a European traveler in Asia, can easily view information about a wine, which changes if they are within a winery’s boundaries, in a language they can fully comprehend.

The stories of the 500 plus wineries already on board are rolling out worldwide.