Talking Wine Bottles – AR Apps to Drive Winery Growth in 2020

By November 25, 2019July 21st, 2020Blog

Augmented reality (AR) is being embraced by winemakers, both nationally and internationally, as a way to drive up sales and give consumers a plethora of entertainment along the way.

Where once before AR was only for big players, because of the sheer expense and challenges in finding ways to piggyback off other existing apps or create expensive talking-wine-bottle apps from scratch, all that has changed in 2020, with the introduction of a multi-use mixed-reality wine app, Winerytale.

Now, no matter the winery’s size, there’s budget-friendly Augmented Reality to help develop strong business growth into the world of talking wine bottles.

Hats off to TWE – the AR success story that started it all

The first truly successful talking wine bottles emerged in 2017 when Treasury Wine Estate created their own app for their 19 Crimes label.

Taking a calculated punt – particularly not knowing how consumers would respond, it became a runaway success.

On the back of that, a slew of big-name wineries and beverage magnates, like Coca Cola, followed suit by producing AR talking labels.

Winerytale AR Label App

What’s interesting about the Winerytale app, is that it’s easy for small and boutique wineries to use because they don’t have to create a single-use app for each individual wine.

The wineries’ existing labels can be loaded onto the app via a template.

That’s hugely beneficial for smaller regional wineries to get a foothold – essentially developing their own talking wine bottles, instantly from one universal app.

Plus, it’s a cheaper option than anything else out there at the moment and wineries are in charge of the material they choose to display, rather than a costly marketing company.

Figures across the wine industry in 2019, reflect the need to produce unique labels matching the desires of millennials.

Recent studies show how millennials are looking for accessible, drinkable wines with entertaining labels – labels which are fast becoming the talking point of parties.

With this in mind, Winerytale has created the perfect party companion – and talking wine bottles will never be the same (or as expensive) again.