Talking wine bottles – augmented reality driving sales growth in 2020

By December 16, 2019July 21st, 2020Blog, Featured

Augmented reality (AR) has been dazzling winelovers across the world with talking wine labels connecting wineries to wine drinkers in a way never seen before.

Australian company, Treasury Wines, introduced Augmented Reality to its 19 Crimes wine label in 2017. 

The results speak for themselves: 153 million impressions, 1.2 million downloads of the Augmented Reality App, 2000 vids on YouTube of the app doing its viral best, 412% increase in social media mentions, and oh, in their first year alone, they shipped over 1 million cases with a 60% growth in volume sales.

And thanks to Coles, the 19 Crimes range became the fastest-selling new-wine product (wines over $10) ever launched in their First Choice Liquor stores, according to USPW Aztec Data.

While it is true that AR has been expensive to develop until now, fast-growing augmented reality app Winerytale aims to blow the augmented reality door open to any winery in an inexpensive and easy way.

With a familiar web feel, a simple approach, and an affordable pricing model (the entry level is completely free), the question will soon be how can any business afford not to have AR?

It’s a marketing gem.

Winerytale AR Label App

What’s interesting about the Winerytale app, is that it’s easy for small and boutique wineries to use because they don’t have to create a single-use app for each individual wine. 

The wineries’ existing labels can be loaded onto the app via a template. 

That’s hugely beneficial for smaller regional wineries to get a foothold – essentially developing their own talking wine bottles, instantly from one universal app.

Plus, it’s a cheaper option than anything else out there at the moment and wineries are in charge of the material they choose to display, rather than a costly marketing company.

Figures across the wine industry in 2019, reflect the need to produce unique labels matching the desires of millennials. 

Recent studies show how millennials are looking for accessible, drinkable wines with entertaining labels – labels which are fast becoming the talking point of parties. 

With this in mind, Winerytale has created the perfect party companion – and talking wine bottles will never be the same (or as expensive) again.