Talking Wine Labels a Hit with Millennials – Augmented Reality Wine

By November 25, 2019July 21st, 2020Blog

Millennials are hankering to buy something new and different in the wine industry and the numbers are on the board.

Anything that is unique, interesting, funny or informative has captured their minds and, more importantly, their wallets. One of the biggest winners? Talking wine labels.

This isn’t magic – simply Augmented Reality, allowing winery owners to literally tell their story to consumers through their wine label.

Several reports coming out of the United States and Australia show the biggest increase in wine sales has been due to factors like intriguing marketing such as augmented reality, uniqueness of regional flavours, and instant drinkability.

In other words, wine has stepped out of the traditional cellars of connoisseurs and into the hands of selfie-taking Instagrammers and bearded hipsters.

It is these people who want their wine to be a hit at a party, a talking point even, and it is exactly these partygoers who are loving the hilarity or intrigue of talking wine labels.

Augmented Reality – A Proven Performer

Although AR has been around since 2009 (Robert Downey Jnr. and Esquire magazine teamed for an AR version) it’s only recently that it’s made an impact on mainstream marketing.

Australian company, Treasury Wines, introduced AR to its 19 Crimes label in 2017. In their first year they experienced a 60% growth in volume sales and, according to USPW Aztec Data, became the fastest-selling new-wine product (over $10) ever launched in First Choice Liquor stores.

It’s been projected that the augmented and virtual reality industry, as a whole, will be worth a whopping $215 billion dollars by 2024.

Since the 19 Crimes success, other talking wine labels have stepped into the limelight, however, the expense of creating AR labels has meant its been largely accessible to bigger corporations only.

With the launch of the Winerytale App, now even boutique wineries can enter a level playing field.

Gen Y is loving the on-trend talking wine labels. For wineries, that’s a cash hit.