Winerytale Concept

The best way to connect with the next generation of wine-lovers

Create a new way for wineries to engage with wine-lovers, to tell their own authentic story, right from the label. Connecting with a generation of new customers, and future brand ambassadors.

Imagine the Opportunities

Augmented reality is growing exponentially, and 2020 is shaping up to be a tipping point for the wine industry

With strong adoption across all levels of the market, wine sales are expected to rise as augmented reality takes the customer experience to new heights, and clever labels once again become the darlings of dinner parties.

Commanding Attention
Creating Customer Engagement
Boosting Brand Awareness
Driving Sales

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

Powerful Features

Simply made for Winemakers

Add your label, then upload your content as simply as updating Facebook – and turn every label into an opportunity to connect with wine lovers in the moment.

One App, for all wines

Everyone wins with an app that is free for all, promoted by Winerytale and supported by participating winemakers. No more convincing consumers to download a new app for every wine!

Deliciously Affordable

Forget app development and agency costs, access the full platform for a fraction of the cost. For users, the app is free on Google Play and Apple Store.

Winery? Try it on your labels. For free. No catches.

Join a thousand wineries from across the globe making the move towards augmented reality wine labels.