Wineries Moving Quickly To Join Winetales App

Augmented reality has been out of reach for wineries due to its excessive cost, until now. The Winetales app, launched by Australian tech-engine Third Aurora, is breaking down the market barriers for this innovate technology and wineries are moving quick to have their labels on the app.

So how does it work? The user purchases a bottle of their favourite wine available on the Winetales app, they download the free Winetales app from Google Play or the App Store and scan the wine label before being immersed into an unforgettable AR experience.

AR has proven to have benefits across many industries, yet the wine industry has remained relatively untouched, significantly due to the cost associated with building the technology. It is a strong marketing tool for making that important first impression on consumers and in an industry as saturated with competitors as the wine industry, why wouldn’t you want to be the memorable bottle.

Winetales features the always important call-to-action button. This button has a multitude of possibilities. A winery can help their consumer make their next purchase, direct them to the closest stockist, provide suggestions on food to pair with their wine of choice and many, many other possibilities.

Winetales operates on a subscription basis, where the wineries pay a monthly price to be on the app. This strategy helps to make the app affordable for small to medium sized wineries, who make up a large percentage of the wine industry. To make it easy for the user, there is one app for every wine.


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