Morrisons of Glenrowan

Glenrowan, Australia

Morrisons of Glenrowan is an Australian winery, set in Glenrowan, Victoria, and recognised for it’s Morrisons range.

Morrisons of Glenrowan is located in the Glenrowan region, about 2 hours north east of Melbourne, where bushrangers and wine make history

Visit: Morrisons of Glenrowan website

Crisp, fruit driven white wines & Mediterranean red wine varieties. Each seasons brings difference nuances to our distinctive flavour

Discover the Glenrowan Wine Region

A compact region steeped in history and character, producing bold and complex wines since the 1870s wanderings of this historic region

Wine varieties of the Glenrowan region: Shiraz, Cabernet Suvignon and Cabernet Merlot.

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