Connecting people through wine labels.

Winerytale is a ground-breaking plug-and-play system for winemakers to deliver a stunning augmented reality experience from every bottle. Powerful. Instant. Easy.

Pioneering Opportunity

There’s a new way to experience wine

Winerytale is purpose-built for the wine industry, to bring people together over wine. It’s for winemakers to tell their unique story, from their own wine labels.

And for a new generation of wine lovers to discover that story, using their phones to bring it to life with stunning augmented reality.

  • Smartphone
  • Mobile app
  • Augmented reality
  • Social media
  • Interactive content
  • Multimedia
Captivate your customers

An engaging social experience to share

Put your brand in the spotlight, with a stunning experience that commands attention. A memorable moment, connecting with customers from every label.

Winerytale is a social, engagement channel captivating a new generation of wine lovers.

Stunning Display

Augmented reality, virtually displaying in front of the label

Authentic Content

The real story as told by the winemakers themselves

Interactive & Social

Join in! Show it, share it, become part of the story

Never The Same

Discover new stories behind thousands of labels

“A ground-breaking concept that puts the power back with the winemakers”

“…it could be the start of a new social media channel, from wine? Heaven help us…”

Take Control

Easy access from any browser, and an intuitive dashboard, where you can check the data.

Changeable Experience

Update your augmented reality experience anytime, as easily as you would update Facebook.


Link to your online store, wine club, or your latest event. Drive some serious action.

Clever Recognition

Upload your label for the system to learn. There’s no special label printing required

Create value and open new opportunities. So many ways, so little wine *sigh*

The robust concept offers unmatchable value, and a wide range of use cases. Build your brand, capture sales, amplify your marketing.

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  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Officer
  • Brand Managers
  • Communications Officer
  • Data Analysts


  • Venue Managers
  • Winery Owners
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Promoters
  • Events


  • Sales Teams
  • DTC partners
  • Online store
  • Exporters
  • Distributors


  • Tourism Centres
  • Influencers
  • Wine Bloggers
  • International Buyers
  • Media

Absolutely on-point with modern consumers. Brands that are quick off the mark could see some seriously big outcomes.

Mark Oliphant – Senior Marketing Consultant, NY USA

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