Powerful Features

Build your brand, boost your bottom line

And give your team the marketing firepower they need to deliver your goals.

Label Recognition Technology

Global Reach from Simple Steps

Our Smartphone App uses label-recognition technology, so you simply upload your current label images and our clever system will handle the rest.

In a short time, Winerytale is able to recognise matching labels, and activate your experience. The powerful concept means that you’re instantly  connecting your current labels, including the thousands of wines that are already in homes, on store shelves, and in restaurants across the globe.

Content System

Your story, simply

Creating your virtual experience is effortless. You add regular multimedia content through a familiar content management system, and hit enter, that’s it.

In a matter of minutes, your content is dynamically converted to the virtual display and linked to your label.

  • Simple CMS
  • Flexible content layouts
  • Video, images, text, links
  • Dynamic system- update anytime
Brand Engagement

Closest connection you can make

Concepts of storytelling, discovery, and authenticity set the perfect backdrop for your brand to breakthrough.

And the moment.

An interested wine lover, holding your wine in their hands, and giving you their undivided attention. Multiplied by every bottle.

Marketing Firepower

Right People at the Right Time

Make a real impact with the built-in marketing space. A powerful tool for you, with a customisable call-to-action that you can set to any website.

And it’s easily updated so you can run different promotions as often as you like.


The Shortest Path to Purchase

Don’t miss any sales opportunities.  The built-in “buy now” button is ready to catch those in-the-moment purchase decisions, all you do is add the link to your online store, to a local seller, your website, or to anywhere you like, and the App will send people straight through to you.

Data Insights

Track your results. Improve them in no time

Be where all the action is, or at least see where it is with the intuitive reporting system that offers a cracking overview, to inspire your next round best-on-ground performance.

See it in Action

Product Demonstration

Check out our demo-on-demand. It’s a short, sharp demonstration and product walk-through, in less than 6 minutes.

No signup required. Ready right now.

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