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An entertaining, social experience based around you

Winerytale is a social engagement channel, purpose-built solution for a new generation of wine lovers.

And it’s also a fully operational system for winemakers who are ready to make their mark.

Winerytale is a complete system, ready for any winemaker to plug in and turn on.

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Clever label recognition

Upload an image of a label through our website and you’re underway. It’s simple.

You don’t need specially printed labels, Winerytale’s intelligent system does all the heavy lifting, saving time and cost.


Intuitive Content System

An easy-to-operate system, that runs from a web browser, lets you add and update content, as easily as you would add a story to Facebook.

You tell your story, in your own words, using regular multimedia content, which is all managed through a simple CMS. You can link your website, and social media accounts, and online shop, so there’s some great opportunity. That’s it, we’ll handle the rest.

Easy to use

  • Guided content themes
  • Regular multimedia content
  • Familiar content management system
  • Editable content
Making the magic

The Engine

Under the hood, the Winerytale platform brings it all together, adding content to your augmented reality experience, and setting it to your label, in readiness for the next wine lover to scan our label. The end result is a superb experience for a new generation of wine lovers.

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